Petting Zoo Information

Ponies, piglets, and goats, oh my!
A petting zoo is a fantastic place to be. In today's modernized world, barnyard animals and baby animals are not frequently stumbled upon—in fact, some people only see barnyard animals a small handful of times in their entire lives. Sure, we're always being presented with images of cows, pigs, and chickens. They're made into cartoons, cute pictures surface of them on the internet, and they line the logos of milk and cereal brands, sure, but think back to the last time you've actually seen a goat. It seems almost criminal that so many of these adorable creatures exist in the world and the average person barely ever gets to see them, learn about them, or pet them. Well, that's why we have petting zoos. Thanks to petting zoos, anyone and everyone can go and feed, pet, and learn all about their favorite animals.

  Petting zoos are typically plotted on several acres of land and include barns and sometimes botanical center where butterflies and various flora are kept, although we don't think you'd want to pet the plants. This is an obvious setting for a petting zoo, and it's great for people to see what life must be like to live on farmland, especially after living in a hustling, bustling city like Cincinnati their entire life. Most petting zoos have a great variety of animals in their rosters. Typically they have animals like pigs and piglets, goats, calfs, chicks, and ducks. Many of them have ponies that they allow young children to take horse-back rides on, which is every child's dream. Some petting zoos also have puppies and kittens, and many also have speciality animals like camels, emus, alpacas, and zebras. Any of those are sure to leave anyone in attendance in complete awe. Rarely do any of us see a zebra or camel close enough to touch in our lifetimes, so that's particularly exciting.

  Because of the draw that petting zoos have for children young teens, they are great locations for birthday parties, and any good petting zoo has multiple packages available to you for planning a party or event including a reserved party area, food, private pony rides, animal petting & feeding sessions, goody bags, and souvenirs. They're not just great for birthday parties though—you can also look into planning a class trip to a petting zoo for a great, fun, and educational experience that would stick with each student for years! If your party is too big, however, and can't possibly bring everyone out to a petting zoo then some petting zoos provide the option to bring the petting zoo to you. Many petting zoos offer a multitude of different packages where they can bring animals of your choice to birthday parties, field days, team parties—you name it! How cool is that?

Petting zoos are a fantastic, fun, and educational way to spend an afternoon with your family, friends, or party. You will be sure to have an exciting experience that you will remember, and want to return to frequently!