Clown Information

Are you organizing a birthday party and need good, family-friendly entertainment? You have many options available to you, but none are particularly exciting. You don't want to be the laughing stock of your entire family, so what are you to do? A great option for entertaining large birthday parties is, believe it or not, to hire a clown!

  We know what you might be thinking, “Who hires a clown to entertain a birthday party in this day and age?” Actually, clowns are great entertainment for people of all ages! Clowns are professionally trained and are adaptable to many different environments and groups. Their humor, magic tricks, and general sensibilities are enjoyable and exciting to all party-goers! Your children might think it's a strange choice at first, but once the clown starts to woo them with amazing magic tricks or when they pull out a little slapstick comedy, they're sure to warm up to the idea quickly.

  Clowns come in all sorts of different styles, personality types, and with different skill sets. Whether you want a slapstick clown, a clown who focuses on magic trick, a clown who focuses on impressive dexterous skills like juggling, or one who does all three, the choice is yours! Clowns are great at adapting their performances to different group sizes and room layouts. For example, if you have a small group of children at this party, the clown could do his performance in front of the whole group, garnering audience participation from the entire party. Alternatively, if the party is a large group with tables spread out across a venue, that's no problem either! The clown can go around to each individual table and give a shorter, personal performance for each table. These smaller, more personal performances can make the experience much more engaging and exciting for the attendees of your event.

  If you are nervous about the clown not acting professionally and completely ruining your event, it might be of some comfort to know that any good clown service screens and tests its clowns, so only the best, most entertaining, and professional clowns are permitted. However, freelance clowns can also be good options. Just make sure you meet with them beforehand so you can decide for yourself if they're a good fit for you.

  A clown is a surprisingly good option for any of your birthday parties. No matter the size or attitudes of the people at the event, everyone is guaranteed to warm up and have a great time, that way the rest of the party will have a light-hearted and fun atmosphere, and you will be remembered for the rest of your time at the family party as the person who throws a great party!